Elm City Express

What: We were asked by a long standing client (the President of the club) to assist in the development of the brand for a newly formed soccer club “Elm City Express” based in Connecticut, New England in readiness for the new 2017 season. Our brief was to develop a slick, modern look and feel that included a reference to an Express Train.

Our solution has been extremely well received by the President, club directors and the National Premier Soccer League itself.

Where: Connecticut, New England, USA

Web: elmcityexpress.com and The New Haven Register and NPSL

Wow: “It was a pleasure to have worked with Steff in creating the logo – and identity – for our football club. As we started our club from scratch, there were understandably a few iterations and more than a few conversations wherein Steff helped us to focus our own lens and stay on point. Our league, our management team, and most importantly our fans have enthusiastically embraced the new Elm City Express digital branding. Sincere thanks to Steff for having been our digital compass.”

Zack Henry, President, Elm City Express FC